Pink Healing Light was created by Patrícia, a quantum healer and spiritual medium. Her regular spirit team has four spirit guides who all have their own unique personality and area of expertise.

Patrícia started her mediumship, healing and SRT training with Charlotte from Happy Souls 11:11 in 2018 and was introduced to twin flames by her.

In 2020, she was introduced to Dr. Palmer and received another extensive training in SRT (Remote Spirit Release) with him, Andrew Porter and his spirit guide 'Chen', and has been working since as one of the few IPHM certified practitioners in the world.

The same year she got certified in past life regression and became a reiki practitioner and has been working as a regressionist ever since. She also started to sit in regular circles for spiritual development with Jonno Webster and Louise Hedges.

In 2021, she became an Akashic Records reader using the Linda Howe method, which she often uses intuitively in her twin healings.

Patrícia has attended many courses through the Arthur Findlay College and later in 2021 she started her journey in developing trance mediumship.

A big part of her mission is about CREATION by serving the spirit world in connecting the two realms and facilitating FREEDOM for humanity, so they can heal and (re)connect to who they really are and experience more joy and love on their journey.

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