About me

Hi, my name is P. I’m an energy healer, psychic medium, Spirit Release, Reiki and Past Life Regression practitioner. My core Spirit Team is of seven wonderful spirit guides but I also work with other Spirit Helpers too.

Ever since I was a little kid, I have felt the calling to help others and to become a healer. When I was a kid, my parents had loads of spiritual books but it was forbidden for me to touch them or go any near them. So I sneaked them out at night or whenever they weren't at home, one after the other. I was fascinated by the world that opened up to me. Adding to the mix, from a very early age until my late teenage years, I could see and hear the spirit world and could focus on seeing energy as it is. Unfortunately, the outside world wasn't receptive to it and I often got the "weird" label. Haha. Later on, because of certain events, I decided to close off and turned my back on the Spirit Realm and refused the calling to become a healer and went down on a very different path.

Little did I know, that when it comes to who we truly are, it is always true: ’You can run but cannot hide forever.’

In 2017, I met the most amazing person and that encounter led me to my first awakening in January 2019. After an intensive time of healing, I decided to open the door on the Spirit Realm one more time and have been developing ever since. I spent most of my life in fear and pain and felt deeply misunderstood. But once I started to dedicate myself to my own healing and listened to my inner guidance and Spirit Team, I finally understood that the only way to happiness and freedom is through self-love and trust. Trust in ourself and trust in the Universe.

It has competely transformed me.


A big part of my mission is about creation. It means, I am here to help you realize you can actively create your own destiny, that you are indeed a powerful being and co-creator, you have all the tools and skills to achieve your dreams and create your OWN reality, and you CAN experience true Freedom, Joy and Love. I am here to help you with your soul's ascension and getting into alignment with who you truly are. I believe, ultimate freedom and harmony is when we finally experience who we really are and can unapologetically claim ourself and achieve inner union as a result. When this happens, that's when the real Adventure begins. That's when the world and the universe really opens up and possibilities and miracles happen every single day even on cloudy or stormy days.


I wish you to have this power, and play and laugh, be free, be YOU. I am here to help you on your journey.

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