My Journey so far...



Ever since I can remember back, I have felt the calling to help others and to become a healer. When I was a young kid, my parents had loads of spiritual books but it was forbidden for me to touch them or to go any near them. So I sneaked them out at night or whenever they weren't at home, one after the other. I was fascinated by the world that opened up to me. While my mom really didn't want me to go there, my dad slowly opened up for discussions. I still remember how much I loved chatting with my dad about reincarnation, the Akashic Records, karma and the spirit world in general. He was talking and I was listening. And I always begged for more. The spiritual realm was so much more interesting than the physical world. In a way, still is. But I know now that we have a human experience and enjoying life as it is, is just as important.

Having had this early exposure to the spirit world proved to be a double-edged sword. While my dad accepted that I can see spirits and sometimes asked me to channel messages from them, the rest of the world was far less accepting or forgiving. So as a young child I learned early on that it is better to conceal who I really am deep down. As a result, I spent my school years lonely and just couldn't fit in. It was painful to see the people around me acting and speaking so much differently than what their energy field and the frequency of their words showed. I always thought I was seeing double and had to be careful how I react with my words. Obviously, I couldn't share it with anyone so I started to distance myself and speak less and less and by the end of high school, I shut my abilities down and became quite a serious person.

For more than ten years, I persued a career in science and teaching. I was still intrigued by the paranormal but I didn't engage and instead turned to religion when still in high school.



When I was 33 years old, I decided to leave my country to persue a job opportunity, oddly enough, this time in the form of a possible art career. Little did I know, that the inner craving to move to the UK was orchestrated by powers beyond me and that the spirit world had a different idea when it comes to my path. Looking back, they started to prepare me for a course-correction. Spirit can indeed be really interesting.

The same year I met a man that I shared a connection with I had never experienced before. It was something beyond comprehension and the energies were off the charts. When he left, I experienced excruciating pain and was looking for answers. After a year of trying to put the pieces together with zero results, I finally gave in. One day, out of frustration, I addressed spirit and said I want help and I want to find my tribe and want to talk to spirit again if they are open to have me back. The very next day I was led to my first mentor in mediumship who has been a dear friend ever since. She gently helped me to open up again, trained me in many healing modalities, and even provided answers to what I had experienced so profoundly in that connection. This is what many like to call 'Twin Flame'. Well, regardless the label, it served a purpose, to wake me up and to turn me back to my path. Back to the spirit world.

Then spirit had yet another idea and they chose a training for me that I had never imagined. Truth be told, I wanted to sign up for a healing course but because I had booked a trip, I couldn't in the end. I was really disappointed. But there was another course opportunity, and that was SRT. At first, I didn't want to sign up but my spirit guide said this is better for me and I should sign up. I wasn't happy about it, as I don't like when someone makes decisions for me, so while I was still pouting, I did sign up. The rest as they say is history.

A year later another turn came. On the way to work my spirit guide suddenly shouted at me and said: "Quantum healing! You need quantum healing." I had no idea what he was talking about and was rather surprised by this. Ten minutes later I literally almost bumped into a poster. And to my shock it was an advertisement of a book written by a healer about, guess what, quantum healing! So after some research, I embarked on past life regression and quantum healing. And again, the rest is history.

Nowadays, I am experimenting with trance mediumship under the supervision of different teachers. I don't know where it will take me or what spirit has in mind for me. All I know is, I am in good hands with spirit...