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On the soul's journey, sometimes emotional pieces of us become ‘lost’, split off or stuck in a past life without realising that it has transitioned through death. Soul loss often occurs when we experience fearful feelings after we have suffered some type of trauma and bury them deep inside as a separate 'thing'. Kind of like a 'bubble', 'thread' that is not fully integrated with the wholeness of the energy system. A different compartment to the otherwise whole unit, if you wish. This causes fragmentation and leads to energy waste.  Overtime, this depletion of energy can  cause physical, psychic or emotional issues or ailments.


We can meet our past life selves during a session, and view them as independent individuals that seem to be separate entities. With the expansion of our consciousness, we can access these other aspects that are relevant to our current life and energy system.

Past life regression is a type of journey taken while in a hypnotic state - a deeply relaxed yet very focused state - where a person can recall past lives or previous existences they’ve had. In this state we can assist the individual to use their own inner healing abilities to facilitate changes in their life. Every human being are born with the innate ability to heal themselves. As the physical body has its own healing abilities, so does the mind and thoughts. Even more so!

In this hypnotic state you can also gain more clarity on certain aspects of your life and on your purpose.

Real transformation happens when people act on the insights they receive. Every session is unique as each soul's journey is unique. It is best approached with a curious and open mind, without the limitation of expectations.

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