Spirit Release for 2

Spirit Release Therapy is a clinical alternative to religious exorcism and traditional shamanistic practice. Due to lifestyle factors, anyone can get compromised anytime. Spiritual balance is very subtle and we need a deep cleansing from time to time or when experiencing specific symptoms such as:


  • Sudden, unexplainable, out of character behaviour and/or emotions
  • Hallucinations or hearing voices
  • Feeling a negative presence around you or in the home
  • Suspecting you are under the influence of a curse or hex
  • Etc.


In SRT, I work with a facilitator, and my Spirit Guides connect with your energetic field and clear anything negative and restore your overall spiritual wellbeing.


This is a remote service. Once the work is completed, a detailed report will be sent via email. Guidance for the aftercare is included. Lead time is up to 21 days. If your clearing is urgent, please get in touch ahead of booking to enquire about the current lead time. No refunds.


SRT for Twin Flames is especially beneficial as they share a chakra system and higher layers of the auric field. Many twins report a change in the energy flow between them, 3D/5D interaction or communication and improved levels of energy and better mood.

Spirit Release for 2

  • No refund.