Twin Flame connection tune-in

In this reading I will tune into your connection mediumistically. Once it's done, a report will be sent via email.


The report includes:

  • Are you and your person twin flames?
  • What is the general energy between the two of you?
  • Chakra tune-in for both counterparts
  • Any blockages apparent in the connection
  • Advice from my Spirit Guides
  • Mini energy clearing for both counterparts (chakra, aura,  grounding and protection for the connection)


If it is discovered that it is not a twin flame connection, you will be informed by email.

If you don't know when and where you met your person, you can provide their age and location (city, country) instead.

This is a remote service. Lead time is up to 14-21 days.

No refund.


Please note: If you know you are twins and just would like a check on what's happening in the connection, purchase the 'Loving Soul connection tune-in' instead and send me a short email saying you know you are twins. Please don't explain anything else about your connection as I like to do so-called 'cold readings' without any prior knowledge. Thank you for your understanding.

Twin Flame connection tune-in

  • No refund.