Twin Flame Healing

I tune into your twin flame connection mediumistically. My guides check the connection (connecting energy, twin ring, chakras, blockages, advice) and then they take a step further.


First, my spirit team will clear the connection from any interference and clear both of your aura and chakras. Then I will travel with them to see what healing is appropriate for you at this stage and time. It can be past life healing, karma clearing, cord cutting, colour or crystal healing, healing with the five elements, healing with symbols, light language, reiki or anything that my guides see fit. The final step is the grounding of the connection and placing protection around the connection so you can continue the integration safely.


I don't do the healing (except when I'm guided to use light language), I am merely an observer and messenger in the process. Your stage and the timing will determine what serves your highest good as individuals and as a twin flame couple.


This is a remote service, once it's completed I will send you a report via email. Usual lead time is up to 30 days as this service is of high demand.

No refund.


Please note: This is ONLY for TF couples, so please only purchase if you are a confirmed twin and you know your counterpart! If you are unsure, please book a  connection check with me or with an approved medium prior booking this healing. If you have had a TF check with someone else, please check the FAQ section for approved mediums and practitioners and follow the instructions. After booking, send me an email with the name of the person who did the TF check for you. Thank you for your understanding.

Twin Flame Healing