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In a Reiki treatment, the Reiki Practitioner places the hands on the client - and simply lets the Reiki energy flow. The Reiki energy is a universal energy, flowing through the practitioner to the client, so it is not the preactitioner's energy that is used during the healing.


The practitioner's hands may be solely placed on the head, or on various positions near the chakras. Oftentimes, the hands are placed intuitively.


The energy will flow wherever needed, and can significantly aid the body's innate healing abilities.


In some cases, symptoms can increase for a short period when healing starts, this is called a 'healing crisis'.


Receiving a treatment is usually a deeply relaxing experience, balancing and harmonizing body and mind.


Some people can also report seeing colours or images, or going inwards on a spiritual journey.


In some cases suppressed emotions are released or old memories can resurface.


The practitioner can also scan the body for any energy blockages or imbalances and release or balance them.

A treatment can also happen absent as energy is not bound by space or time.

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