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What people say about me

"Patrícia is an amazing medium and healer, with a huge sensitivity and empathy. She has helped me so much on my Twin Flame journey, to heal the Twin connection of deep issues over different lifetimes. She and her guides perform healing using a wide variety of methods and the results are nothing short of miraculous. My twin is better and better and he radiates a beautiful light of kindness and love. Patrícia also suggests areas of healing that can be done with other methods and provides in-depth explanations of the different suggestions, with support and help, fully of kindness and understanding. I feel deeply grateful for her healing and blessed to have come to know about her and her healings.
I wholeheartedly recommend her."

"A big thank you to Patrícia and her guides for the spiritual health clearing she had done for me. Her guides tuned so well into my energy field to provide the most amazing healings and insights. The accuracy of the reading and clearing was so profound and explained some of the rather subtle things that were going on in my energy field/being. For instance, a on and off haziness feeling that I couldn't figure out because I had been doing my grounding and clearings, but it was still there. Her guides were able to find the source of this energy blockage and clear it for me as well as several other chakra issues for which I felt the immediate relief from when the clearing was complete. Her guide was able to detect several energy issues in my home as well with my daughter and her school. I was really delighted that her guide tuned into my daughter's energy as well during my clearing. And Patrícia prior to my clearing had no conscious awareness that I had a daughter, so it was really profound to have her guide tune into my daughter. I really value Patrícia's energy and the accuracy of her mediumship and information, healing and guidance her guides bring through!"

"Patrícia is gifted. She does amazing healing work, and I'm honored to have benefited from her powerful clearings. I always feel so much better after.
The details, insight, and advice she provides has been invaluable for my own personal journey."

"Patrícia is amazing. I've dealt with many healers before but she is the real deal. When I listened to the recording of the SRT, she mentioned specific things from her guides that she could not possibly know about.
I immediately felt lighter after the Couples SRT and I have such confidence in her abilities that I have booked an SRT session for my son. I admit that I had reached out to another healer with a long lead time before Patrícia and had paid for the service with the other healer. I was impatient and reached out to Patrícia to see if she could do emergency service due to some strong negative energy I felt around me. Patrícia noticed that she had been asked by the original healer to do my session on her behalf and thus there was a double booking. She offered me to refund my money so that I would not be charged twice. I would never have known that and her integrity alone is reason enough to hire her. I decided to use the overage for a Twin Flame healing, and again have been impressed. The proces is not complete yet, but I have no doubt that Patrícia will use her gifts wisely. Although I have not met her, I can tell from the words she uses in her emails and the sound of her voice in the recordings that she is a gentle soul with pure energy.
I cannot recommend Patrícia highly enough."

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